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Swimming pools

with mosaic tiles made in NZ

Black mosaic tiles for swimming pool
Black mosaic tiles for swimming pool
Black mosaic tiles for swimming pool
Black mosaic tiles for swimming pool
Black mosaic tiles for swimming pool

pool mosaic tiles

clear plastic film mount system

We stock the biggest range of mosaic tiles in Auckland and we are the only manufacturing studio in New Zealand who manufacture bespoke mosaic tiles mounted on plastic film suitable for swimming pool, steam room or bathroom. If you send us a photo of the swimming pool you like we will make an instant mosaic tiles sample in our showroom based in Auckland and manufacture any mosaic blend in 1 week. 

Swimming pool tiles must have a number of characteristics which makes them suitable for submerged areas and most critical are water adsorption rate, chemical resistance and mount system. Aside from tile characteristics, it is necessary to consider water distortion and refraction of the light, reflection of sunlight, grip rate of the coping tiles and in shallow areas while making a design of a swimming pool. In our studio you will find the best range of pool tiles and expert advice on design and installation. 

About mosaic tiles mount systems

1. Mesh mounting method

There are many swimming pools in Australia and New Zealand that currently need to be refurbished because installed tiles were mounted with a mesh which holds tiles in a together in a sheet. This mount system eventually fails over time due to the mesh glue deteriorating.

2. Paper mounting method

Paper mounted mosaic tiles allows to adjust tiles perfectly while the adhesive is not set hard, but labor cost usually is extremely high.

3. Plastic film mounting method

Similar to paper, but much easier to install due to a clear film which allows to see the joints and align sheets perfectly. Film mounted sheets are easier to cut what makes them very convenient to work with when fully tiling swimming pools.

4. PU Hotmelt mounting method

Easiest and the most reliable pool tiles mounting system for tiling pool waterline and fully tiles swimming pools. Special UV-resistant PU is very stiff what allows to maintain equal joints within the sheet and exposing the most of the backing area of tiles for adhesive. 

Mosaic tiles

on Hotmelt PU mount system



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