Porcelain pavers and pool copings doesn't require any sealing or special maintenance. Thick 2 cm durable paving tiles can be installed on a sand bed, gravel, concrete slab, or jack pedestal system.

Natural stone pavers

travertine pool copings

Tile of Ezra

hand-made Zellige tiles

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Pool Coping


Pool coping is a necessary detail for pool protection. It is an edging tile of the pool with an overhang and often with a drop face also called a rebate. Our pool copings must have a rough surface for higher grip and be very strong for protection of the top edge of the pool from damage.


Pool coping is an essential part of the pool because:

  • It prevents escalating wall damage: a tiny crack of the top of a pool wall could grow into a big one. Reduce that risk by protecting the top, which is one of the most vulnerable areas, with coping.

  • It looks great: Pool coping provides a complete and finished appearance to the pool. Without coping, your pool's design will always lack something.  We’ll discuss the design and materials below.

  • It’s slip-resistant: Pool coping provides enough grip for wet feet in the most dangerous area. Also, copings provide a safe entrance to the pool from any point, not only from a staircase.

Pool Coping Materials and Design

  • Brick, concrete, and terrazzo pool coping offer limited design opportunities and might be affected by corrosive chemicals in water and weather factors.

  • Natural stone is a favorite classic material for swimming pools with a luxurious look and good maintenance characteristics but some natural stones like travertine need recommended to be sealed once in 10 years if you want to protect the surface from some spillages and chemicals. 

  • Porcelain pavers and matching copings offer a variety of designs like natural stone, concrete, and even wood decking. It has R11 or R12 highest grip resistance rate and doesn't require any sealing. It's the most trending material on the market because you can achieve greater results using pavers and copings of the same color for a sleek and completed look of an outdoor area.  

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